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Attendees arrive on Monday, August 7 to get their registration materials for the Leadership Summit.

Attendees prepare to start the two-and-a-half day summit on Monday, August 7, in Saratoga Springs, New York.

Chief operating officer Westley Richters, standing, talks with attendees at the beginning of the Leadership Summit.

Attendees including director of facilities Dave Stephens, far right, catch up in person at the Leadership Summit.

Pam Geleski, left, of Easton Coach, chats during the start of the Leadership Summit on Monday, August 7.

Bart Marksohn of WE Transport, left, has a chat with Tim Tibbs, right, and another attendee during the Leadership Summit.

Beacon COO Westley Richters pulls a number from the ball drawing for prizes awarded to summit attendees at the Leadership Summit.

Edith Yambo, right, provides materials at the conference desk at the start of the Leadership Summit on Monday, August 7.

Gaurav Sharda, center, has a chat with Beacon CEO Judith Crawford, right, at the start of the Leadership Summit.

Attendees have a chat during an early break during the first day of the Leadership Summit on Monday, August 7.

Jim Leo was among those on hand during the drinks reception on the first night of the Leadership Summit, enjoying some conversation.

Among those on hand at the first night’s drink reception were Michael Anctil, far left, Lauren Gonzalez, second right, and Monica Puethoff, far right. at the Leadership Summit.