Beacon Mobility subsidiary NRT Bus will use 25 Nuvve DC Rapid HD Charging Stations for new electric school buses in Lawrence, Mass.

SAN DIEGO, July 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Nuvve Holding Corp., a global leader in vehicle-to-grid technology and deployments, will supply NRT Bus, a member of the Beacon Mobility family of companies, with 25 bi-directional Nuvve DC Rapid HD Charging Stations for Lawrence Public Schools in Lawrence, Mass.

Designed specifically for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) operations, the Nuvve chargers will power a fleet of 25 new electric school buses manufactured by Thomas Built Buses and secured under the largest Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Clean School Bus Grant awarded in Massachusetts last year. New England Transit Sales and strategic partner Beacon Mobility helped NRT Bus secure funding during the first round of EPA grants. The Nuvve K-12 division will support the deployment from site planning at the district’s transportation yard through utility interconnection and commissioning. The charger order was disclosed earlier in the second quarter of 2023, with the units expected to be delivered by December while the buses arrive later in 2024.

“Leaders like Beacon Mobility and other electric school bus operators across the Northeast are embracing V2G to reduce the cost of operation, and we’re honored to help make their switch to cleaner, quieter and healthier mobility as seamless and financially attractive as possible,” said Gregory Poilasne, CEO, Nuvve.

“Nuvve and New England Transit Sales have demonstrated that they’re as committed as we are to Lawrence Public Schools and student health. We’re excited to bring this clean transportation breakthrough which benefits our drivers, students and the wider Lawrence community,” said Beacon Senior Vice President of Fleet & Facilities Bill Griffiths.

The Nuvve DC Rapid HD Charging Stations come preconfigured to work with Nuvve’s GIVe™ platform for intelligently charging and discharging to the grid. The solution enables buses to charge when rates are low and discharge when rates are high and the grid is strained. The V2G services are supported under National Grid’s ConnectedSolutions battery program. DC fast-charging comes standard with the Thomas Built Jouley model with each bus capable of a 138-mile operating range on a single charge.

The Lawrence Public Schools serve 13,000 students from K-12 and NRT Bus transports them via its current fleet of 21 full-size diesel buses and 55 minibuses. The community is vulnerable to poor air quality due to its high population density and location near three interstate highways. The fleet of 25 electric school buses could reduce carbon emissions by an estimated 1.35 million pounds per year which is equal to more than 10,000 trees growing for 10 years or taking 136 gas-powered passenger cars off the road for a year.