Welcome to the Week Videos: This can be recorded alone or with a group – your choice! Wish your Beacon team a great week ahead.

Weekend Sendoff Video: Get a few team members together and wish the rest of your Beacon colleagues a great weekend. Feel free to be as creative – or silly – as you want! Try to keep videos to one minute or less!

Monthly Safety Videos: Create a video to discuss what ways are best to keep drivers, monitors and/or staff safe. Plan on having the video match with a theme from that particular month. For length, an ideal length for the video should run 2-3 minutes.

Photos:  Please add a caption in the “Other” description box below.

If you want, you can include names, departments (maintenance, TCs, drivers, or any type of identifier). If there aren't any people, just write "none."
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.