Workday is a new tool that will automate our HR and Payroll functions, allowing you to manage your team through a convenient dashboard. 

Paystubs and personal information are easily accessed from any device, and eLearning resources are available to grow your own and your team’s skills.

Workday offers a host of benefits over our current system, including easy-to-access tools to manage your own and your team’s information and career development.

We’ll start using Workday on July 3, 2022. You will still be able to access paycheck stubs and tax documents in Ceridian/Dayforce.

You will need to take a few moments to familiarize yourself with a few new tools that Workday offers. However, you will find the new system very intuitive and easy to use, and the added features will make managing and retrieving data much faster and easier than in the past.

The Workday tools you need to manage your own and your team’s information and career development can be learned through a series of short training videos. 

Additionally, we will offer webinars and live meetings to get you up to speed. A little learning up front will pay off in time saved and enhanced team-management capabilities!

Yes, Sexual Harassment training will need to be repeated in the new Workday environment.

We will let you know when training is available, and we will have resources available to help you get set up and navigate the new system. You can bookmark this page for additional training videos. We will ensure you have the tools you need to use all the features of the new system. 

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