Workday is a new tool that will make Payroll and HR management much more streamlined. With Workday we’ll have centralized employee file management and storage, integrated expense management, and dashboards to let you see daily tasks at-a-glance.

Workday, which will replace ADP, offers a host of benefits over our current system, including integrated HR and Payroll functions, which will cut down on manual payroll processing, reduce inaccuracies, and give you the ability to make routine HR requests and changes yourself.

We’ll start using Workday on Sunday, September 25, 2022. You’ll be able to log in a week early, on September 18, to set up your account.

Workday will integrate payroll directly with the HR system, which will ultimately eliminate much of the manual and paper-driven work that we currently use. Workday is a tool that will enable to you have more control over HR and recruiting tasks through intuitive dashboards. You will need to learn new processes, but many formerly paper-driven and manual tasks will become more automated, allowing you the time to build new skills and learn new systems.

To be able to access or change your personal information, you will need to log in on a computer, tablet, or smartphone to set up an account. The link to log in will be available Sunday, September 18 so you can log in a week before we go live. You can access your Workday account on you smartphone, on your computer, or on a designated computer at work.

The Workday tools you need to manage the payroll and HR processes will be given to you through personal, webinar, and video training. We will ensure you have the tools you need to feel confident using the new system.

You can access or make changes to your personal information through the Workday app on your smartphone, computer, or tablet, but if you don’t have a smartphone, no problem! You can use a designated tablet or computer at your location to access and change your personal information.

Nothing will change with the timing of your paychecks.

We will let you know when training is available, and we will have resources available to help you get set up and navigate the new system. We will make sure you have the tools you need to be comfortable using Workday.